Self help books

The one thing about being in sales and in management is that you need a kick in the pants every once in a while to get you going. About a month ago I was given a book to read that was supposed to change the way that I thought about things. It was my wake... Continue Reading →


The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. - Richard B. Sheridan Desire is one of those things that is necessary in life. You have to have the desire to be able to enhance certain things in your life. How else can you make yourself better if you don't have a desire... Continue Reading →

Are you an asset to your company?

Look at yourself as an employee. Do you go above and beyond at your job? Do you do the minimum to get by? Are you somewhere in the middle? These three questions are ones you can only answer for yourself. Your leadership in your company may have a different answer for those than you do.... Continue Reading →

How to manage

This is a pretty straightforward post. We've all experienced bad managers. Some of us have been put into management without any real guidance on how to do. Some people are born leaders. Myself the first time I was in charge of a group of people is when I was in the Army and I was... Continue Reading →

Cover your needs

So all my posts have been on how to be better at sales and be better in business. In a previous life I used to be a sales coach and a business consultant. Plus with my 14 years in sales I've had lots of experience. So this article is going to talk about what I... Continue Reading →

Relationships and Sales

I've been looking all through the internet on tips on how to date someone in commission sales. The one thing I realized is that there is nothing out there to give advice on how to have a successful relationship with someone who is in commission sales. So basically I've decided to write something that gives... Continue Reading →

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